In 2056 a great flood devastated the World, leaving just one city standing -- Lhaytar -- a society built under the supreme control of one corporation. Here, workers of the corporation are denied the freedom to breed, and even to dream. We follow deflated worker Jack Richards, an overworked giant of a man lost in the system -- until one day he encounters a message left in the space between the waking and sleeping worlds and a strange new reality opens up for him.

Haunting and magical, this is a story about the power of the dreamer and the desire to find your strength in a world that makes you feel small.

"Filmmakers are only ever projecting their own imaginations. EarFilms allows the viewer to use their own. Yes, the attendees are actually blindfolded as they experience cinematic storytelling with 3D sound to create a minds-eye movie all of their own."- Source Magazine

An exclusive industry preview of To Sleep To Dream was shown in New York from 12th-18th January 2013. EarFilms successfully won the Argus Angel Award in 2013 at the Brighton Festival for 'Artistic Excellence' and has shown at venues in England, Australia and the USA. Please check our Tour Dates page for updated dates of future shows.